Grape Seed Oil 100% Pure and Natural

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Size : 60 ml


GRAPE SEED OIL comes from the cold pressing of the grape seeds

When to use the GRAPESEED OIL?

whenever you need to add moisture to your hair or skin , especially if you have an oily skin/scalp


You simply massage it on the part of interest of your skin till completely absorbed by the skin ( FACE, HANDS, FEET, ELBOWS AND KNEES )

You can apply to your hair from roots to ends as a hair mask, you can also add a few drops on your hand and spread it on your hair after shower as a hair serum ( if you don’t mind the smell )

grape seed oil has a very light texture that helps you keep moisturizing your skin without giving that oily sticky feeling

What is so special about this product ?

 Due to its light texture and rich content with vitamins, it penetrates in deep skin and works as great moisturizer, toner and skin cleanser. Rich with antioxidants, helps reducing stretch marks and wrinkles. Moisturizes face and body. Potent antioxidant. Reduces the severity of acne. Perfect carrier oil. Great massage oil. Conditions, moisturizes and protects the hair without leaving any greasy unwanted feeling and does not block the pores. Recommended for straight and wavy hair

What is the feel of the fragrance used in this product?

This product has no fragrance or any other additives

Full Details : 

بسبب ملمسه الخفيف و غناءه بالفيتامينات و تغلغله عميقا فى الجلد فهو يعمل كمرطب قوى و منظف للبشرة
غنى بمضادات الاكسدة فيساعد على تقليل علامات التمدد و علامات تقدم السن
يقلل من حب الشباب 
زيت رائع للتدليك
و يعمل ايضا على الحفاظ على الشعر مع تنعيمه و ترطيبه بدون ترك اى احساس دهنى فلا يسد المسام

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