Curly Hair Treatment Oil Mix

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Size : 60 ml

What is Curly Hair Treatment Oil Mix?

It is a blend of 100% pure and natural cold pressed oils, specially formulated for your beautiful bouncy curly hair

When to use Curly Hair Treatment Oil Mix?

Whenever you really need to pamper your curls with a blend that will supply your beautiful hair with all it needs to stay healthy, well moisturized and well nourished

Why Curly Hair Treatment Oil Mix?
It has so many benefits for your hair as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids and proteins that nurture your hair, revitalise the dry shafts and restore its bounce and shine.

What is so special about this product?

You can use it as a hair mask from roots to ends before washing your hair and as a serum post shower and it smells good

What is the feel of the fragrance used in this product?
Smells coconutty and a hint of fruity floral scents.

Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Flaxseed oil, Sesame oil, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil and Black Seed oil and our secret Herbal Mix

الشعر الكيرلي بيحتاج زيوت مختلفة عن أي شعر، خليط الزيوت الطبيعية للشعر المجعد الجديد من سيسام سبا بيقدملك مجموعة زيوت مخصوصه لشعرك غنية بالاحماض الدهنية، البروتين و المعادن الهتغذي شعرك و تحميه و تخليه ناعم و صحي


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