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  Today’s scrub with Avocado& olive oil from Lemonage suits all skin types except If you have oily skin, replace the avocado with half lemon.   Results: 1- unclog pores 2-very soft skin 3- promotes circulation  ⭐️ Avocado oil:  itchy skin calming, hydrates, protects against skin damage and contains collagen boosters   ⭐️ Olive oil: Antibacterial, vitamin A,E,D, anti-aging and has exfoliating effect   Ingredients:1/4cup brown sugar, 3Large spoons white sugar, 3Tsp olive oil and 3Tsp avocado oil( again if u have oily skin replace the avocado with half lemon)   Instructions: mix together. Scrub gently on face & body...

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