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YOU THINK SULFATE FREE SHAMPOO IS THE ANSWER FOR A GOOD HAIR??? WRONG!!! What is a shampoo? A shampoo is a blend of surfactants ( surface active agent ) that have a function of making non water soluble material like dirt and oil to be soluble in shower water so that it can clean your hair. Sulphates are a type of surfactants called anionic, they have a negative charge and it is widely used by the personal care top brands as it is an effective hair cleaner, sometimes too strong that it cleans too much and leave the hair stripped...

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Daily routine:
1.  cleanse: wash your face and neck with warm water (not hot) and a cleanser for your skin type, rinse it off making sure that all the soap is gone
2. exfoliate: rub the scrub over your skin in a circular movement, do this exfoliation every other day 
scrub using beads, sugar, salt or any other exfoliating substance.
3.  Moisturize: apply a Moisturizing oil or cream on face and neck suitable to your skin type, evenly spread it in an upward  and outward movement 
this routine will keep your skin young, soft and glowing 
الروتين اليومي للحفاظ علي نضارة البشرة:
1. الغسل: اغسلي وجهك و رقبتك بغسول لطيف مناسب لنوع بشرتك , اشطفي الغسول تماما
2. التقشبر: استعملي المقشر علي بشرتك في حركة دائرية و استعمليه مرة كل يومين
3. رطبي بشرتك وجهك و رقبتك بكريم او الزيت المناسب لنوع بشرتك
هذا الروتين سيحافظ علي بشرتك نضرة و ناعمة و متوهجة

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